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Among so many firms providing immigration services, what sets us apart is the quality of services that we provide.

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About Waqar

Leading immigration consultancy business in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, specialising in immigration solutions

Waqar is a Movement Consultancy and Immigration organization situated in Dubai, UAE. It is generally viewed as one of the most all around regarded immigration law firm in UAE.

Waqar is a full-service immigration and placement consulting agency that has been in business for decades. It specialises in providing clear advice and representing all foreign nationals in their immigration applications, whether they are for permanent residence or temporary status as a worker, student, or visitor.


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We are accomplished in following administrations

Skilled Worker Visa

Skilled Migration visa is an extensively prominent aspect of permanent migration and is also inferred as Permanent Residence...

Citizenship by Investment

This citizenship is rendered to investors and wealthy people in most countries...

PR Visa

Your freedom to establish your roots in a new country, embracing its culture, lifestyle, and diverse opportunities.

Student Visa

Student’s visa is one of the most important thing one requires to study abroad and we can assist you to acquire the same.

Investment Visa

Our Investment Visa program opens doors to vibrant economies and promising markets worldwide.

Family Visa

Family Visa provides you the means to reside and move from country to country with all of your entire family.

Visitor Visa

We provide you properly defined steps to receive your visitor visa.

Work Permit

A work permit visa is a classification of transitory visa permitting individuals to operate in an overseas location.

Golden Visa

The Golden Visa emerged as a way for countries to attract foreign investments and stimulate economic growth.

Temporary Residency Visa (TRV)

Temporary residence visas are typically issued for a fixed duration, ranging from a few days to several years, depending on the country.

Spouse Visa

The spouse visa provides an opportunity for individuals to live and work in the country where their spouse or partner resides.

Sponsorship Visa

A sponsorship visa is a type of visa that allows a person to live and work in a country based on sponsorship from a family member, employer, or organization.

Second Passport

A second passport refers to the acquisition of citizenship or nationality in a country other than one’s country of birth or current citizenship.






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